Launching Soon...
100% organic veggies, fish & cosmetics.

We are experimenting with indoor and outdoor (terrace) aquaponics. And soon you will taste 'healthy' fish and veggies from our micro(!) farm.
It's completely ORGANIC!

Lets share the responsibility...

Aquaponics is growing fish and vegetables together in an integrated controlled environment. We chose this method to produce food commercially alongside to feed the starving population.

We invite people to contribute in helping the starving fellow humans. While you buy from us, buy some more veggies, fish or cosmetics for them too. You can use our indoor systems to grow greens, vegetables etc., for daily use. If you have some unused space around your house, company or in the terrace, we can help you build a system that can keep you free from buying veggies and fish at a costly outside shop and also safe from harmful chemicals. As fish can't tolerate pesticides or fertilizers, plants will grow 100% organic. Your contribution will reduce their hunger and will help us to build aquaponics units that produce food for the needy.